Can I Be Honest?

Featured Painting: “Rage”


Can I Be Honest?


I feel everything so deeply right now

I just want to cry

My emotions are raging

I want to eat a full meal

Without stuffing my face

I want x amount of sleep

I want silence

I want peace

I don’t want to be touched right now

My baby is crying

My milk ducts just had another let down

I just want to be alone

Left to just be

Because here I am again

Another baby

Another city

Another chapter in my life

Where I feel like everything is spiraling

Out of control

Because I’m in this state of resistance

Afraid to accept the blessings I’ve been gifted

Sounds of static

Feels of electricity

And the two meet up

And I feel more stuck

More confused than ever

My emotions getting the best of me

My cheeks keep getting wetter

From the salty tears

That fill my eyelids

And fall onto these pages

That fill with the whispers of my heart

That I transform into art


Corinthian Elizabeth

“All Gifts in Love”

The Book of Corinthian

Painting: “Rage”


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