The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou

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The Beauty in the Bayou Workbook was designed with healing in mind equipped with mindfulness exercises, writing prompts, affirmations, reflections, and meditations to assist you with transforming your trauma into triumph, your wounds into wisdom, and your sorrow into solutions! 

The Book of Corinthian LLC serves to spread love through (H)ealth, (E)ducation, (A)rt, and Lifestyle encouraging you to heal. Beauty in the Bayou is the first chapter of The Book of Corinthian’s book series. In chapter one, Beauty in the Bayou, Corinthian shares a vulnerable part of her healing journey as she undergoes shadow work while embarking on her path to freedom. This book provides you with tools, encouragement, and insight to confront your pain and traumas to break the generational curses of systemic oppression, sexual abuse, racism, poverty, addiction, mental bondage, religious abuse, disparities in community health, and more of the chains that have had you bound. Prepare to invest in the whole series as more books will follow as this story unfolds. Order the original book to experience the healing, order the workbook to do the inner work. Watch the visual below for more!