Better Together

Jarvis and I went on a date this weekend; not just any date, we went to Walmart. We had a gracious offer for baby sitting our three children and an opportunity to get out for a few hours. Instead we both fell asleep taking mid day naps that we seldom get to do. We woke up and realized that we didn’t have enough time left to go “out” and that we still needed to make our store run for the week. We decided to turn our store run into a date. I was excited considering the fact I missed my man. Yeah we spend time together every day but that time is shared between Jarvis Jr., Legend, Freedom, and the 164 students that I still think about when I clock out and go home in the evenings. As we were heading out to the store, Jarvis said something to me like, “I’m good with whatever we do as long as I’m with you.” I don’t remember the exact words because I was too busy blushing but the sentiments were true for me as well. We’ve been through a lot over the years but I couldn’t imagine doing life without him. I’m also confident that no matter where life takes us as long as we go together, we will be fine. True enough we laughed and talked the whole time we were in the store. I forgot that we were in my least favorite store in the world doing my least favorite thing to do because I was with my favorite person. I was reminded of how important date nights are and how important it is to continue to pursue one another in the midst of life’s changes. I was reminded of how much I love being married to my best friend. We ended up grabbing a smoothie afterwards which was a nod to our health journeys. I was reminded of how far we’ve come as this was a big change from our younger days when we’d go out to bars to drink before we had all of these kids and all of these responsibilities. All in all I’m thankful for my husband and I’m committed to loving him as we continue on this journey. No matter what we do or where we go, one thing I know is that we are better together.

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