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Somewhere in my childhood I adopted the belief that meditation was something mystical and that I should probably stay away from it. Maybe it was my vivid imagination, growing up in churches with strict rules, things I saw on TV, or a combination of the three. Whatever the reason was, I am so glad that I ditched this belief and decided to start practicing meditation two years ago. It changed my life drastically. I also believe that it helped save my life as well considering that before I started I couldn’t see the end of my battle with postpartum depression and I had seriously contemplated suicide more than a few times. I’ll admit I was a little intimated and felt overwhelmed about the idea of meditation because I didn’t know where to start, if I would do it “right”, or if I had the proper tools. To my surprise, I really didn’t need any tools and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to start. I personally began with the “Calm Technique” which was simply getting still, closing my eyes, and repeating the same word over and over in my head while paying attention to my breathing. Since then, I’ve advanced my meditation sessions with occasionally adding music, candles, incense, and crystals when I see fit. For the most part however, I prefer silence and having my journal near to record or process anything that comes up during my session. Whoever first crafted the saying “less is more” didn’t lie. Meditation is a topic that I can discuss in detail for hours on end but for the sake of this post, I would just like to share some of the benefits that I’ve experienced. My intentions are not to sway you, inform you of how to, or suggest a particular way to mediate, but to simply share how it has changed my life.

Mental Clarity and Peace

Before I started meditating I found myself always thinking. Sometimes those thoughts were good but then sometimes those thoughts were destructive. The point is is that the thoughts never stopped. Now that I mediate, I have moments where I’m not thinking about anything in particular. I’m just enjoying existing. Also I am able to separate my thoughts and recognize thought patterns that do not serve me that I need to let go of to be my best self. Meditating also helps quiet the everyday chatter that is always going on in this world.

These thoughts are not my own, they do not belong to me.

I miss days in the womb when spirit and will were in harmony.


Our bodies and spirits know what to do to heal. It’s our minds that need the instructions. When I started taking charge of my thoughts and quieting my mind, I noticed that I became more in tune with what was going on with my body. I knew what foods or chemicals I needed to eliminate to function better. I began to know when I was deficient in a nutrient or when I needed more movement or sunlight. I also began to connect more with my soul.

When we change the mind, the body and spirit will align

Spiritual practice

Meditation has helped me connect with The Creator, The Most High, Source, God of all creation in a way like I never experienced before. I started meditating as a lifestyle change and to silence and strengthen my mind, turns out it has brought me closer to God. Being able to get still and listen has helped me recognize the voice of God without question. It’s hard to hear the voice of God when I’m “too busy” listening to music, the TV, or other people.

Be still and know that I am God-Psalms 46:10

Discipline and order

Like with anything worth doing, discipline is required to actually get it done. On days when I meditate as soon as I wake up before I do anything else, my life seems to flow. This helps me create order for myself and my family before the day really begins. Seeing the benefits of applying discipline in this area of my life encourages me to apply it in other areas too.

Increase in energy

I use to find myself always sleepy or sluggish no matter how much sleep I would get it. I’m aware that other lifestyle changes in my life have contributed to my increase in energy such as changing my diet and quitting drinking. However, meditation has helped me tremendously too. If I get my meditation in early in the morning, I won’t need a nap during the day. If I manage to meditate twice in a day, I’ll probably end up working on a project for hours after the kids go to sleep without yawning.


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the present moment. Practicing mindfulness has helped me manage depression as well as anxiety by learning to live in the present moment. Truth is the present is all we really have since the past has already gone by and the future may never arrive.



Learning to sit still and observe my thoughts has taught me so much about myself. Of course, I’m still learning and hope to always be a student but understanding who I am, what moves me, what inspires me, what I’m passionate about, and the like has been instrumental in me constantly evolving into my highest version. Not to get it confused, self-awareness isn’t just learning about my good qualities but also learning which of my behaviors are toxic and where I need to create balance in my life to be my best.

Emotional stability

Two years ago you would have never heard me admit that I am emotional. I thought that made me weak. Now I am the first to admit without being asked that I am emotional and I own every bit of it. I see my emotions as a gift being able to truly feel the human experience. Often when I’m sad, angry, feeling confused, disappointed, or frustrated I go to my prayer closet and meditate. I always come out better and most times I have a solution for my issues. Tapping into my emotions also helps me create my best art. I am constantly learning how to manage my emotions and process what I am feeling which are both healing in itself.


I started meditating for one thing and ended up gaining so much more. As I continue on this journey, I pray that I become more enlightened, fully live out my purpose, and really get the most out of the human experience.

She meditate in silence just like every Dalai Lama-Rose Dupree

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