Be Bold, Take That Leap

What if you had enough faith to move mountains

What if you believed that you could do anything and that every obstacle is insurmountable

What if you were as confident in your ability to succeed as you are in the possibility to fail

What if you believed that you could have heaven on earth the same way that you fear being damned to hell

What if your next invention catches on like the newly invented light bulb

What if you choose to see yourself with the same eyes as the Creator does

What if you just turn your light on

What if you knew that you’ve already won

Before you took form in your mother’s womb

What if you stop seeking worldly validation and go and do what you were called to do

Go ahead, you got this I promise 

And if you start doubting yourself look up and remember how far God has already brought you

-The Book of Corinthian

Painting: Fear

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