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The theme for my art class this year is “Visualize. Believe. Achieve” with the intentions of teaching my students how creating art and creating a vision for their lives are one in the same. During the first six weeks my first semester students made vision boards after we meditated. We jammed Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap album while doing so. They enjoyed this experience and I enjoyed it even more seeing them accomplish some of their goals as the semester progressed. Above all I witnessed them believe in themselves and gain more confidence. One of my students in particular didn’t have any goals when we first started the semester. I asked him to try to come up with something to start and he finally said his goal was to make it to his 21st birthday. I teach in Oak Cliff where this is a common goal for a lot of kids that have witnessed their loved ones getting killed at young ages. As much as I wanted to cry when he said this, I didn’t. Instead I said “Okay that’s good we can build on that.” By mid semester I was so proud of him coming to tell me that he had a new goal of being an engineer. One of my students was hesitant to make a board because she said she “could only do hair.” By the end of the semester one of her goals was to own her own hair salon after she gets her license. Another one of my students doesn’t make the best grades in her core classes but she’s super creative and talented in art. I was so happy when she came to tell me that she’s going to apply for the Art Institute of Dallas when she’s older and that would be her “college”. Her mom is happy about this too. Amazing how a simple tool can transform one’s life!

Making vision boards is an act of self-care for me. When I feel that my vision has gotten cloudy or that I need to realign with Source, I make a new board. I generally make them when the seasons change. Sometimes I make them during my moon rituals depending on my intentions. This helps me connect with God, remember my “why”, establish structure in my life, and gain a new sense of direction. I’m at my best when I have goals that I’m achieving and vision boards are a great way for me to make my dreams a reality. Vision boards have helped me get through some of my darkest times. Not only did I make it through but I came out on the other side in victory. I’ll be doing another one before school starts back on next week.

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