Affirmations for Self Love

Why is it easier to be more kind to others than we are to ourselves? Something to ponder and do some soul searching with if you may. The most important human relationship is the one that we have with self. We owe it to ourselves to shower self with love. We can’t give anyone else that responsibility especially if we aren’t giving it to ourselves. Here are some affirmations for self love.

I see the beauty in my flaws. They help me with self healing and taking steps towards wholeness.

I accept myself as is. I am committed to improving in the areas that I see fit with grace and patience.

At every given moment I am doing my best and that is always enough.

I am worthy.

It’s okay for me to simply be.

I am extending compassion towards myself.

I treat myself with kindness, love, and understanding.

I am proud of where I’ve been, who I am now, and who I am becoming.

My evolution is essential for me to become my highest version.

I am a being of light, Divinity in human form.

I am in control of my thoughts, emotions, and actions.

There is no need for me to rush, worry, or hurry. I am exactly where I need to be.

I am love.

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All that is Love”

The Book of Corinthian






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