Affirmations for Giving Birth

The featured image in this post is the journal that I started using the month before Legend was born. It’s on top of my painting “rebirth”.

It was a week before my due date to deliver Legend and no doctor had agreed to deliver him if I didn’t agree to have another c-section. Every doctor told me that I wouldn’t be able to push and the surgery was my only option. I believed otherwise. I was convinced that I had to deliver Legend vaginally. I believed that I could do it no matter what the circumstances looked like. Jarvis was encouraging me and assuring me that everything would work out. I knew this too but still I was freaking out. We were getting close and I could feel that Legend would be coming soon. Soon Jarvis’ words would leave me and I would be left to sit with my own thoughts. I had to make these thoughts positive. My baby was counting on me! Shit! I was counting on me! This was our lives I was talking about here! So I got to work. I prayed an affirmative prayer. I took action by continuing my search for doctors. I trained my mind and spoke things into existence with the conviction that it was already done. I did pelvic opening exercises and stretches too. After enduring 28 hours of labor, I pushed Legend out without having the surgery again. God’s hands was all over this. Our ancestors were with us too. Here are some of the affirmations that I repeated several times a day prior to giving birth and while in labor. It is my prayer that these help you build courage and feel empowered about giving birth.

I honor my needs and desires as they pertain to my body, birthing experience, and health of my baby. I am empowered to give birth naturally.

I am confident in my body’s ability to give birth.

I rely on my intuition. I trust myself.

I have created life and now I will bring it forth.

I am in harmony with Legend and we are working together for a safe and healthy delivery.

I think empowering thoughts surrounding the idea of giving birth.

I can have the birth that I desire. Everything is falling into place for me to give birth.

I am healthy and strong. My mind, body, and spirit are all clothed in strength.

I am in tune with my emotions. Honoring my emotions leads me to wise and intuitive decisions after breathing. Deep breaths help me become more aware.

I am enjoying my birthing experience. I understand that pain is a part of any process. I am okay with undergoing pain, my reward is far greater.

Love is the most powerful force and I am love. I am a goddess of great strength. I can do anything that I set my mind too. God is with me always. All is well!

Photography by Vance Tennant and I went into labor two days after taking this picture.

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