A Time To Rest

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up-Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

As I reflect over the past calendar year of 2021, I am grateful for the growth that I have experienced. The growth of my family, growth in my career, growth of my brand and businesses, and my spiritual growth all exceeded the goals that I wrote out and vision boards that I created for the calendar year. Some of those goals include the following:

Publishing both Beauty in the Bayou Workbook and 365 Days of Mindfulness and Accountability, my first workbook and journal. Both of these pieces are excellent companions to my first book, The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou. They both allow the reader an opportunity to delve deeper into their own healing and gain a deeper sense of introspection. 

Creating and launching my own app and exceeding the download goals for it. The Book of Corinthian App is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. It is a free daily inspirational app. You receive daily affirmations, prayers, or words of encouragement. You can also access all blogs, websites, podcast episodes, and videos directly on the app.

Opening a second business, Corinthian’s Lighthouse LLC. This first “chapter” of business manifested from The Book of Corinthian consists of an online metaphysical shop and a hub for custom spiritual healing services such as life coaching, birth coaching, tarot reading, and reiki healing. 

Expanding The Book of Corinthian brand with Divine Is She Fashion. Art has been one of the building blocks of the vision for The Book of Corinthian. Returning back to a love that I gained as a teenager for painting on my clothes has turned into something even more magical as a line of custom accessories crafted with healing energy.

Launching season 2 of Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast! Season 3 is set to launch this February! Stay tuned & check out the new merch while you wait! 

Me and my family also moved to a new home in a new city. We got a new family car. My husband and I celebrated our first marriage milestone of 5 years. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started a new job in our new city. I celebrated my 29th birthday reflecting on the full life I’ve lived so far. I even had the privilege of attending my first book fair as an author and first health and wellness expo as a vendor. 

In addition to the growth in my family and business endeavors, I am proud of my spiritual expansion too. I mastered being consistent with my daily meditation time, read several new books, learned new things, and grew in trust in the Divine Creator. I also completed my level 2 reiki practitioner certification. In doing that, I gained confirmation and clarity on my spiritual gifts. To top things off, I have another surprise that I will be sharing more about on season 3 of the Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast. Be sure to tune in by downloading The Book of Corinthian App! 

As this fruitful calendar year began to come to an end, I still naturally felt that self-inflicted pressure to perform. That pressure looked like feeling the desire to “go harder” or “do more” in order to prepare for a successful 2022. That pressure also looked like setting some unrealistic expectations for the start of January in order to start the “new year” off right. Fortunately, my spiritual guidance kicked in and I was reminded that the fall and winter months are purposed for the exact opposite of doing more. Yet and still being human and living in a material world, I attempted to go against my guidance and do more anyway. 

A series of events unfolded, including health and lifestyle changes, that literally forced me to stop doing. I was forced to tend to my inner garden and rest, I explained more about what that gardening would consist of on the Lighthouse blog. I still had some layers to shed in the fall unbeknowst to me that would prepare me to rest even more when winter came. I started my new loc journey on the Winter Solstice. It was on that magical day that I became more intentional about honoring my need to rest. I then reshaped my goals for January to align with the spiritual, mental, and physical principals of resting. Gratefully although my flesh tried to fight against my Internal Guidance, I still managed to intuitively respond and adapt to Spirit’s advice. 

My goals for January mainly consisted of intentional mornings with prayer, meditation, and gratitude. The second main goal was intentional evenings with my family being unplugged and resting. The other goals that I set in between those two seemed to naturally fall in line without me doing much by keeping those priorities at the top. I’ve gained a substantial amount of clarity, knowledge, and wisdom simply by resting during this month of January alone. It’s been a time of silent growth which aligns with the art of nature. The leaves that fall from the trees in autumn return to earth, decaying back into the soil as fertilizer for the new leaves that will sprout in spring. This process is called alchemy, the transformation of one thing into another. I feel the same has been happening with me. My layers from fall have transformed into new wisdom that is fertilizing my soil for the seeds to begin sprouting in spring. It is amazing how much we can learn from nature if we take time to observe. I’ve never seen a tree run to race another tree, yet they grow larger than some of the finest infrastructures. They also produce fruit, shade, oxygen, and many more benefits simply by being. I am taking notes here too. The year 2022 carries the vibration of 6, which relates to home, family, and domestic affairs. I am optimistic for the spring which is when I truly feel the new year starts. For now, I will keep listening to my spirit and rest. 

For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his. Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience.-Hebrews: 4:10-11

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