A Prayer for My Marriage

With our 7th year of marriage anniversary being less than a month away, rebirth in this area of my life is only fitting too. Here is a prayer from my journal from this month that is already beginning to manifest. It’s something about putting that pen to the pad that makes shift happen.  

Dear Creator,

I ask that you guide me in honoring a new cycle in my marriage in that which I may fully trust in you, Divine Creator, to transmute fully what needs to be healed. Walk with me and open my heart and mind to be open to love in new ways beyond what I knew were possible. Help me to forgive, heal, and grow in this new season in unison with the one that you have created and chosen for me to build Your kingdom and plant new seeds with. Let not our work be in vain and let our harvest be multiplied in abundance. Do a new thing within me. Do a new thing within us. When it’s all said and done may Your glory shine through. And so it is!  

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