15 Affirmations for Anxiety

In one of my latest posts, I provided some methods that I have found helpful in managing anxiety. In the spiritual sense, anxiety can result from a lack of trust. This lack of trust shows up as a lack of trust in God, in self, in others, and in the process of life. Here are some affirmations that help me bring my mind into alignment with my spirit and reconnect with the Creator and all that is.

  1. I acknowledge that I am fearful regarding the future. I am choosing faith in the midst of my fears and moving forward with confidence, courage, and wisdom.
  2. I am choosing to return to the present moment and I am making the best of it. I am focusing on the here and now.
  3. I believe that life is unfolding exactly as it should. All things are working together for my highest good.
  4. I release my desire to control every detail of my life.
  5. I can make plans for success while understanding that ultimately the Creator is in control and has a Divine Plan in place for my life.
  6. I am in alignment with God’s plan for my life. There is no need to rush. I am doing my best.
  7. The Creator crafted the blueprint for my life before I was created. I trust in that plan and I am excited about it.
  8. I am choosing to let go of all that I do not have control over while making positive changes in my life in the areas that I can.
  9. I am strengthening my connection to the Divine and I am learning to surrender.
  10. I am increasing my faith in God, myself, and in others.
  11. I believe in me. God created me for a special purpose and I am capable of fulfilling that purpose.
  12. I believe that people are inherently good.
  13. I am not responsible for what other’s do. I am responsible for how I respond.
  14. I take responsibility for my actions.
  15. I put my trust in God and believe that my experiences with others help me learn and grow.


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